Enjoy the great performance puff after puff.

We love our product. But we love our customers even more than VitaCig. If you choose us, this is what we will deliver:


In order for you to be able to enjoy each VitaCig, we work with certified constituents and natural components from the highest quality grade available. The vaporisation of the accurately assembled vitamin composition is fueled by UL- and CE-tested batteries within the high quality stainless steel case.


Slim Design:
Nowadays everyone tries to stand out in some way or the other. But not us. We only give you what you really want. Easy to handle! No need to charge, to refill or to push any buttons. Just remove the packaging and start vaping (afterwards it can be simply disposed of as it is recyclable). No nonsense. No compromises. No nicotine. No worries.


Shopping Experience: To ensure that your anticipation doesn’t turn into frustration, we make sure to always have plenty of stock as well as delivering your order within 1-3 business days. You are able to track your order with us and therefore have the possibility to follow your cig on every step of its way to you. If you receive a VitaCig which does not work, we will of course replace it. For questions, suggestions and complaints please send an email to support@vitacig-canada.com – our service angels are always here for you.


Double Triple Bottom Line / Fairstainability und Safety:
To guarantee your enjoyment only one last thing is missing – having a healthy conscience. But even that we have taken into consideration. We can assure you that each and every VitaCig has been produced by our manufacturer (technical control board certified) without any cruelty (no animal testing or child labour, instead environmentally friendly methods, clean rooms and fair wages). By doing so we are leading the way in China. Each VitaCig is recyclable. And due to high demand: Yes VitaCig is 100% vegan and gluten-free!