Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What's VitaCig?

VitaCig is a unique product that the technology of electric cigarette uses to provide a vitamin base, enriched with flavors derived from natural terpenes. No nicotine, no tobacco, no tar, no pollutants, only vitamins and steam.

How do I contact Vitacig Customer Service?

To contact VitaCig-CANADA Customer Service please submit a support request by emailing:

When will my order ship? When will I receive shipment tracking details?

Orders can ship within one – three business days of receipt of order. You will receive an email with a link to track your order when your shipment has been processed.
Note: There may be a delay as the shipping carrier updates tracking information. Please be patient and check again periodically.

Is the VitaCig® for all ages?

No! The VitaCig® is exclusively for adults. If you find any evidence of a retailer who is selling or marketing the VitaCig® to minors, please let us know immediately. We have a zero-tolerance policy on this issue.

What distinguishes VitaCig from other conventional e-cigarettes?

VitaCig is one of the few non-nicotine e-cigarettes that are available to consumers. In addition, the VitaCig is the only e-cigarette with vitamins and provides unique taste experiences. Visually, the VitaCig impresses with it’s modern, sleek design, especially when compared to conventional cigarettes. Even non smokers love VitaCig!

Is there a health benefit?

The greatest health benefits is the absence of nicotine, tar and some other pollutants and chemicals that are found in conventional tobacco products and in most electronic vaporizers. Social Smokers, ex-smokers or those who want to stop in the near future, can thus enjoy the feeling of smoking with the VitaCig “with a clear conscience”. Our customers love the VitaCig because it was created with the healthier lifestyle in mind. It mimics the physical sensation of smoking without all the harmful substances. The vitamin dose of VitaCig is indeed small, but is certainly found in each VitaCig. Due to the small amount of vitamins contained in our VitaCig product, they can not be seen as vitamin replacement. Nonetheless, we are convinced that the VitaCig is the healthiest alternative among E-cigarettes on the market today.

I want to quit smoking, is the VitaCig an option?

Definitely! The VitaCig contains no nicotine or other addictive substances, but brings the same pleasure as smoking traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes. You can certainly use VitaCig as a healthy alternative.

Does VitaCig Taste Good?

Definitely! Order a package and try it for yourself. VitaCig is available in different flavors. The feedback from our customers about taste, has been extremely positive.